Take a hike

Rowing uses so many muscles that I was unprepared for the toll on my body that 3 days of hiking would take.

OK, 3 days of walking on the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island, carrying a full pack!

Thank goodness we didn’t have to carry much water because we camped at 2 of Fraser’s 40 perched freshwater lakes – the idyllic Lake McKenzie and the much less popular but also exquisite Lake Benaroon.

Misty sunrise at Lake McKenzie

[Lake McKenzie at sunrise – wish I had my scull]

Starting out at Kingfisher Bay on the west coat, we hiked across the island to Dilli Village on the east coast – averaging about 15 km a day. It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But the thing is, I don’t walk much anymore.

On day 1, I felt the weight of the pack deep in my hip joints. Then in my mid-upper back because my pack straps were not tight enough.

Being skinny, the pack dug into my bony collarbones and bruised my hips.

By late afternoon of day 2, my pace had slowed to a shuffle. My legs felt like lead and the backs of my knees hurt. A distraction from this was the sizeable pressure blister on my toe.

My arms were the only body parts free from discomfort.

But I’m a rower! We’re used to pain. We don’t whinge – we just push through! And I did.


[Gone swimming]

On day 3, I padded my collarbones with yesterday’s socks (not smelling too rank) and wrapped my fleece around my hips. The world felt better.

Or maybe it was the prospect of a hot bath, red wine, steak and a soft, warm bed at Kingfisher Bay Resort, which didn’t disappoint.

Today, the memory of the pain is already dissolving. A massage would be good though.

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