Gone rowing

My eyebrows need plucking
My chook pen needs mucking
The grass won’t stop growing
But I’m going rowing

My legs need shaving
For coffee I’m craving
Is that a cock crowing?
I’m off, I’m going rowing

My bed is alluring
But my love is enduring
I had no way of knowing
I’d get hooked on rowing

My scull needs buffing
My mushrooms need stuffing
All this I’m foregoing
‘cause I’m going rowing

My floors need mopping
There’s wood that needs chopping
My weeds need hoeing
Hell, I’m going rowing

My toenails need painting
This heat has me fainting
But the wind is not blowing
Where am I? Gone rowing

My bills need paying
My zootie is fraying
My laundry’s overflowing
Ciao, I’m going rowing

My pool needs some acid
But the lake is quite placid
And for fear of being flaccid
I’m off, I’m going rowing

My callouses need trimming
My edges need strimming
What’s wrong with, say, swimming?
Nah, I’m going rowing

My blog needs a posting
These tweets are engrossing
Get up and get going
Stop thinking, go rowing


2 thoughts on “Gone rowing

  1. Mary – just managed to go back and read some of my emails – one was yours.

    Don’t know how you think of what you do – fantastic. Just loved the poem. So So true!!!!

    Karen xx



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